Dr. Andrew Hancock

Individual, Couples, and Sex Therapy

Dr. Andrew Hancock is a Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist who works with individuals and couples. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Hancock works with individuals to overcome life’s obstacles cultivating healthy coping mechanisms to navigate life transitions. Dr. Hancock specializes in the areas of adjustment, aging, anxiety, chronic illness, chronic pain, depression, grief, human development across the lifespan, LGBTQIA development, self-empowerment, trauma, and spirituality. As a Sex Therapist, Dr. Hancock works with individuals with sexual concerns, sexual pain, sexual trauma, and out of control sexual behaviors.  Dr. Hancock works with couples and individuals in consenting open and unique relationships to learn how to communicate authentically to address their sexual and relationship needs. Dr. Hancock works with couples dealing with breaches of trust and infidelity, where his position is to hold hope for the relationship. My goal as a sex therapist is to affirm my client's needs, support their individual and relationship goals by fostering empowerment and freedom within their sexual expression. 

 Dr. Hancock supports all aspects of human diversity including all cultures, abilities/disabilities, religions, relationships, ages, ethnicities and erotic expressions. I provide a nurturing space for LGBTQIA+, BDSM, and Kink communities. Sex Therapy is talk based thus no touching or disrobing occurs in the therapy office.



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