Therapy Sessions

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Therapy Session
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Individual Therapy

Engaging in individual therapy is an ultimate luxury in self-exploration. I view our sessions as a joint effort where you are viewed as the expert of your life, and where I bring my clinical wisdom and knowledge to support you in this journey. You are ultimately in control. Together we will identify goals that you want to achieve, and we will cultivate tools and positive coping mechanisms for your success. Individual session are 60 minutes.

Relationship Therapy

In a relationship centered therapy session, my goal is to support the relationship and equally support the couple or individuals involved. My style of relationship therapy often consists of us meeting as a group first, typically for 90 minutes, and then each person individually for 60 minutes after our first session. Then we will continue our work together as a group for either 60 or 90 minutes follow up sessions. I do have a “no secrets policy” which means that anything that is disclosed to me individually is considered free to discuss openly in the context of the relationship. This ensures that my role as your therapist is always neutral and that I am here to serve all individuals equally and without bias.



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